Avon and Somerset - Mark Weston

My name is Mark and I am the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for the Avon and Somerset Police Force. I am the Leader of the Conservatives on Bristol City Council, where I have been a Councillor for nearly ten years. I live with my family in North Bristol.

As a member of the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Panel, I have always been a fan of neighbourhood policing. As a councillor from a ward in which crime has historically been a problem, I know how effective it can be if the police get out of their patrol cars and engage with the community. 

Thanks to this approach, anti-social behaviour is down nearly 75% since 2009 - proof that a visible and community based policing model helps prevent crime, cuts re-offending and reassures the public.  

The concept of Police Officers, Police and Community Support Officers (PCSOs) working with volunteers and partners needs to, once again, provide community policing to meet the requirements of the local community.  

And so my priorities for Avon and Somerset are: