Bedfordshire - Kathryn Holloway

I have lived in Bedfordshire for 18 years in Ampthill, central Bedfordshire, and Ravensden and Renhold in the north of the county.

I have spent the last 20 years as a reporter and presenter of news, current affairs and live programmes for services including ITV, Sky News and The Daily and Sunday Express, covering every stage of the justice system from close up.

As a journalist I’ve spent my professional life getting to the truth of the matter and it seems to me that’s exactly what’s required of a Police and Crime Commissioner who holds the Chief Constable and police force to account. 

I understand both emergencies and serious crime. Since 2000 I’ve won global recognition as a specialist in Crisis Communications - including as a keynote speaker at the Toronto World Conference on Disaster Management in 2014. I’ve provided resilience training at board level for some of Britain’s leading companies like KPMG, Burberry and Lloyds of London. I was part of the UK’s Civil Contingencies Secretariat for 8 years, helping the Gold Commanders of the emergency services and military understand the importance of releasing public information in an emergency and I have supported police forces in the course of some of the UK’s most serious criminal cases, including the Soham murders and serial killings of Dr Harold Shipman. On my watch the public will be kept informed and police action will be explained.

Bedfordshire Police has traditionally faced a number of challenges, all of which with the right leadership can be overcome. As your Police and Crime Commissioner I will fight your corner by working with Government for the best share possible. I will relentlessly pursue the most efficient use of our budget, starting with savings in my own office, not the frontline. I will not forget the huge debt we owe to our officers too, who continue to devote themselves to duty.

If you elect me as your Police and Crime Commisioner on 5th May I will protect the police to protect the public and deliver on my promises. You have my word.