Cleveland - Matthew Vickers

I've lived in the area all my life - I was born in North Tees Hospital, attended the local school, Newtown & Grangefield, and graduated from Teesside University. 

After completing my degree in Business Management I worked in retail management for companies including Woolworths, Big W & Home Bargains. This meant that I was involved in many of the high streets and retail parks throughout the area, and gave me an invaluable insight into the makeup and environment of the local area.  

A good knowledge of issues surrounding law and order is essential for being an effective Police and Crime Commisioner for Cleveland. And so the fact that I have a Law degree, serve on Stockton Borough Council’s Crime & Disorder Select Committee and am a member of Cleveland Police’s Police & Crime Panel, means that I beleive I am well placed to serve the people of Cleveland well if given the chance this May.

As a councillor on Stockton Borough Council, I have proven to be a vocal opponent of wasteful spending, looking to deliver value for money for the taxpayer at every opportuinty. 

As we continue to reduce the deficit, I am commited to ensuring that all public services continue to protect their frontline, whilst at the same time making savings in other areas. That is my plan for Cleveland.