Dorset - Andrew Graham

My name is Andrew Graham and I have dedicated my life to ensuring the security of our country. With my experience and commitment to keeping people safe, I believe that I will be an effective Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset. 

Dorset needs someone who understands and appreciates the effect of crime on communities, and having been burgled I understand the sense of intrusion, hurt and insecurity crime leaves behind.

Dorset also needs someone with the experience of dealing with crime. I have worked closely with the Police, including two years supporting the ACC South Region in Northern Ireland after the Good Friday Agreement.  I admire what they do, but I also recognise that the Police cannot do everything on their own and the public has a part to play. A key focus of mine would therefore be ‘Policing at the heart of our communities’ – not ‘Them’ and ‘Us’ but WE’.

Dorset spends more than £120 million of taxpayers’ money each year on policing.  Our county therefore needs someone who has experience of controlling budgets to fulfil such an important role. I have held sizable public budgets (£100m - £1.2bn), delivered significant results and identified smart ways of shifting the costs of support and office functions towards the sharp end. These skills will be invaluable as a Police and Crime Commissioner.

And with a strong experience of working in other sectors such as the Army, industry, a youth development charity and a national mental health charity, I believe that I can bring the skills gained to the role of Police and Crime Commissioner – leadership, organisation, discipline and compassion.

I believe that public safety and the rule of law are the bedrock foundations for positive, open and successful societies and communities. And I believe that I have the proven and tested experience, leadership, vision, commitment and management skills to work with the Chief Constable and the people of Dorset to make and keep our county a safer place to live, work and visit.