Durham - Peter Cuthbertson

My name is Peter and I was born in Darlington and went to local state schools. Over the last 32 years I have lived in Mowden, in Faverdale and just off Hummersknott Avenue.

I now work as a healthcare consultant, supporting mainly small businesses and manufacturers of medical technology. I previously worked in a local newsagent, Darlington railway station and the Newton Aycliffe Royal Mail sorting office.

I have long believed that we should do policing and sentencing differently. That's why in 2013 I set up my own non-profit organisation, the Centre for Crime Prevention, to promote tougher sentencing for serious offenders and the greater use of beat-based, zero tolerance policing. This initiative received national attention and appeared on the BBC, ITV and Sky News.

I beleive that Police and Crime Commissioners can have a massive impact on the lives of ordinary people. That starts by changing the culture of our police force: getting the police out of their cars and onto the streets, especially in high crime areas, and increasing the attention that the police pay towards the supposedly ‘low level’ crimes and anti-social behaviour that so often damage communities most. 

If elected, I pledge to spend at least one day per week on patrol with local police, detecting problems and identifying solutions. If elected, I will give the people of Durham the Police and Crime Commissioner that they deserve.