Essex - Roger Hirst

My name is Roger and I am a Cabinet Member for Essex County Council, and was the Deputy Leader of Brentwood Borough Council until recently. I am standing down from these roles because I want to be your next Police and Crime Commissioner. 

As someone who is experienced in serving the people of Essex, I bring a number of skills to the job of the Police and Crime Commissioner. I have been the lead Member for Essex County’s Safer Communities Strategy, I have a successful track-record on dealing with Gypsy and Traveller issues and have built close relationships with the Police and local partners. I also feel that my 30 years spent working in business will be particularly helpful in running and shaping a large organisation and meeting the demands of a large number of people.

This knowledge will, I believe, enable me to help the police prioritise and manage the demands on their resources, and lead to more effective and efficient policing in Essex. 

Over the next four years the Police will need to perform and deliver more with less. In that task I enjoy a proven talent for effective organisation: in the public sector I have helped deliver substantial efficiency savings in the last six years and in the private sector I have transformed major businesses for the better.

For me, safe and secure communities are the bedrock on which we build success and prosperity. Good policing means our residents feel secure and safe in their homes and on the streets of Essex. As your Police and Crime Commissioner I will not let you down.