Lincolnshire - Marc Jones

I am a Lincolnshire man born and bred and care passionately about our county and the need to constantly strive to improve things for the residents, businesses and visitors who come here. And I beleive I can make a difference.

My interest in helping others started when I got involved in a range of local community groups and campaigning for improvements to the local area. Over the years I have helped to set up youth groups, sat on residents panels working with police to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour and have been a school governor at two schools.

As the Executive member for Finance, I have the important responsibility of overseeing the £1 billion annual budget as well as being responsible for 123 farms across the county covering some 20,000 acres.

And so whether it’s protecting people like my mother who now lives alone or ensuring the future is a safe one for children like my daughter, it really matters that we do everything possible to make Lincolnshire a place to be proud of.

This election will be the most important ever for policing and crime in our county. Like never before it is vital that people have their say over how this hugely responsible role is carried out. Leaving this decision to chance is a risk no one should take.