Merseyside - David Burgess-Joyce

Since the age of 18 I have served the forces of law and order in various capacities. I joined the Merseyside Police Special Constabulary in 1982 and began working from Wallasey Police station.

In 1997 I moved to Police HQ as staff officer to the Chief Officer and by 2010 I had become the Chief Officer. After 31 years of service, I retired from the force two years ago. 

I believe that the police work extremely hard to deliver a wide range of interventions. But the current relationship between the public and the police is simply not working effectively. Greater accountability is needed to ensure that what the public really need is really delivered.

In essence, the people of Merseyside have felt as much disengagement with the police service as they did with the old Police Authority. I want to raise the profile of the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to a new level, engaging with service users in a more direct fashion. In short, I want to serve you and be the best possible voice for you that I can be.