Northumbria - Stewart Hay

I am a local man in Northumberland Tyne & Wear, currently working as a criminal law consultant solicitor across the local courts. 

With a strong service record in Northumbria Police spanning three decades as well as my time as a lawyer, I have four decades of experience in the local criminal justice system. 

I beleive that my experience makes me a unique candidate for the challenging role of Northumbria Police & Crime Commissioner. When I was a Detective Inspector in the force I had responsibility for everything from minor crime and disorder to murder although fortunately that was a rare occurrence. 

If elected I will not only engage with the public but give explanations if and when needed, I will work hard to deliver a visible frontline police presence on our streets, which embraces all ethnic groups and religions.

My plan would reflect my priorities and would be written to tackle the specific and local needs of the force area. I hope that on 5th May you will vote for it.