West Midlands - Les Jones

The West Midlands deserves a hard working Police and Crime Commissioner who will always put residents first. People should be confident he is listening to their concerns and will make sure that the priorities of the police reflect that.

If elected, I'll work with Government and local communities to do that.

My previous experience, serving five years on West Midlands Police Authority makes me well qualified to take on this important role. During that time I served as Chairman of Finance as well as Audit and Standards. Roles where I regularly had to hold the Chief Constable to account.

After leading a large Council, I have real experience of managing multi-million pound budgets and being accountable to local people. My 17 years in public service and the commitment to listen to the needs of the whole community mean I will bring common sense, and a lifetime of being a part of the community, to the job.



1. Protecting the frontline

By working to increase frontline police resources to reduce victims of crime.

2. Improving policing through technology

By equipping officers with the latest technology, so that they have the tools they need. This will see hundreds of hours of extra policing in our community.

3. Better use of police resources

By focusing on your priorities. Rather than refurbishing Police Headquarters I will use that money to keep police stations open. 


We are served by hard working and diligent police officers and staff. Elect me and I will help them to serve you as we all deserve.

With your support on Thursday 5th May, we can build a safer West Midlands.