West Yorkshire - Allan Doherty

My name is Allan Doherty, I am 54 and I live with my partner, in West Yorkshire. I have dedicated my life to the police force.

I was born and raised in Bradford and joined West Yorkshire Police over 35 years ago. For 31 years I served in both uniform and CID roles in Halifax, Leeds and Bradford and was commended on 22 occasions. I also spent time on the force drugs squad and major crime unit conducting operations against major drugs dealers and bank robbers across West Yorkshire.

In 2000 I was appointed as a Senior Investigating Officer and led investigations into serious crimes such as murder, kidnap and organised crime. In 2005 I was promoted to Chief Superintendent and spent the next 5 years commanding divisions in the Bradford district.

After retiring six years ago I wanted to keep working closely with the victims of crime and I led the North East regional team for Victim Supports National Homicide service supporting families bereaved by homicide.

I believe that because of my time in the police force, I have a unique professional knowledge of policing and supporting victims of crime. As your Police and Crime Commissioner I can promise you this:

  • I will increase the accountability of the police.
  • I will attempt to build a workforce that is representative of the communities it represents
  • I will listen and meet the public to ensure I am aware of their problems and concerns and to ensure that my policing plan meets their expectations.
  • I will harness the energy, skills and commitment of the third sector and other key partners and expand volunteering and neighbourhood watch schemes.
  • I will support the third sector to help the police to support local communities and vulnerable members of society.
  • I will respect the boundary between politics and policing.